Of all the blessings that I have to be thankful for I could never fully express  how grateful I am to God for the wonderful parents He has given me.

Please take a moment and read these brief tributes to My Dad and My Mom.
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My Dad

The Bible says that if a man wonít work neither shall he eat. One thing for certain, my Dad was never afraid of work, and his family was never hungry. Throughout the whole time I lived in his home I donít remember my Dad ever calling in sick to work.

The Bible says that if a man wonít provide for his own household he is worse than an unbeliever. Well its true that Dad didnít have us in Church every Sunday, and he may even regret that now, but he surely provided for his family. I never knew hunger as a kid, clothing and shelter were never concerns of mine. We lived in the same house from the time I was 2, and I had the same parents. It would be years before I realized that everyone was not so fortunate, and even longer to realize the incredible value of these things, and the great effort that it took to bring it about.

But my Dad was not a quitter. He was a man who believed in finishing what he started, even when it was harder than he thought it would be. He believed in doing what he said he would do, because he said he would. He taught  me how to fight for what I believe in, even if it looked impossible to win. He never backed down as long as he thought he was right, no matter how hard the challenge. When the going got rough, I really donít think Dad knew how to quit, even if he wanted to.

The Bible says let us not love with words and tongue, but with actions and in truth. My Dad didnít express his love with words often, but as I look back on his actions there is little to be doubted. Not just his tireless example of hard work and providing, but also the unexpected things that happen along the way. Like the time the principle took my ring, I had thought Dad was going to be angry with me, but I was busting with pride after he completely supported me and made them back down. Right or wrong, an act of love. And also the time I got expelled, and Dad got me put back in school, or when the 17 year old down the street threatened me  or the man next door offered to make me eat a hammer, there was no mistaking whose son I was then. My Dad was willing to defend me at any cost. Again when I needed help paying for a car accident, dad was there with a lawyer, and with the funds I needed. Thanks Dad.

My Dad taught me to tell the truth, to never steal, and to stand up and defend those who were weaker than I. He also taught me how to work with my hands, to never give up, never back down from a challenge, to be proud of who I was, and to believe that I could be anything I set my mind to become. He also taught me the value and power of knowledge. He wanted his children to have a good education, and was willing to suffer himself in order to see to it.

I believe that God knows the plans He has for each of us, and has chosen us fathers uniquely equipped to prepare us for those plans. As a man myself, when I look at the trials Iíve come through and the victories Iíve won, so often I see the virtues and character I learned from my Dad. It is those qualities that have made me who I am. As I endeavor to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, I recognize the God given integrity and determination I have learned from My Dad as a gift from the Lord. Thank you Dad, I appreciate, respect, and love you.


To James Stout from your Son. December 24, 2000

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