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This site is still under construction so please be patient with us and check back often

Welcome to ForPrayer.org We believe that prayer matters. When people pray in faith, God does get involved (Mat. 18:19). The purpose of this site is to provide an effective network, connecting prayer requests with those who pray. In this manner, prayers are being answered and lives saved, and improved. (John10:10)

Do You Need Prayer?

If you have a prayer need please send your request by email to prayer@forprayer.org with "Prayer Request" in the subject, and believe with us that God will act in your matter. We will then send your request on to Prayer team members who have committed to diligently pray for you.


Will You Pray?

In order to be effective we must depend on normal people just like you to commit to receive a few (usually 4 to 5) requests each week and sincerely read and pray over them. If you would be willing to join our Prayer Team and receive requests please send an email to prayerteam@forprayer.org with "add me to the team" in the subject. We believe that the Lord will bless you for your service.


How does the network work?

As prayer requests are received they are periodically compiled into small groups and sent to selected Prayer Team Members.

We believe that in order to be effective the members must actually have the time to pray for each request. In order to accomplish this we do not send all requests to all members. Instead each member only receives a handful of prayer requests each week which they have committed to give earnest attention. In this way you can be assured that your prayer needs are not simply grouped with hundreds of others where the people receiving them might have trouble finding time to read them all.

In this way, no matter how many prayer requests the network handles, each persons needs are individually met, and the people praying never feel like they are overwhelmed with more requests than they can pray over. The idea is to develop a system where even if there are 10,000 prayer requests, no one team member will see more than 4 or 5 of them and yet all of them will receive fervent prayer. Please pray with us as we strive toward perfecting this system.

Share your testimony

Please send us your testimonies of how the Lord has responded to your prayer needs. Just send an email to answeredprayer@forprayer.org with "testimony" in the subject

In addition to our email prayer network, we expect to be listing prayer requests and updates on this site soon so that you can browse requests, list yours here, and read about how God has miraculously responded, so check back often.

ForPrayer is a  ministry of Resurrected Life Ministries. You can be a part of this great ministry. Click this link for several ways you can help.

To contact us send mail to office@resurrected-life.org

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